TinyTracker™ Undated Expansion

For families seeking additional spiral-bound tracking pages after “graduating” from the original TinyTracker™, this custom expansion allows you to continue tracking until your heart's content. 

Since your little one likely isn’t eating as often as during the newborn stage, you’ll notice there are fewer feeding rows. Anddd because you’ll start introducing solids in the near future, you’ll see a new section to keep track of this messy (but really fun) stage!

Each extension is printed on-demand, so we’re able to customize the cover with baby’s/babies name(s), the length you want to keep racking (3 - 12 months) and the columns you’d like to keep- cause let's be honest, the only constant with babies is change!

Size: 8.5x11 (standard paper size, slightly bigger than 2.0 tracker)
Features a plastic coil binding, clear front and back covers for durability 

Just so ya know: NO high contrast cards are included with the expansion tracker. No daily development activities, memory book or Tiny Tips are included, just the tracking pages.

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Enter baby's name exactly as you'd like it to appear on the front cover
the columns you'd like on the daily pages:

Nursing + Bottles + Diapers (same as 2.0 version you're used to)
Nursing + Diapers (No bottle column)
Bottles + Diapers (No nursing column)
Nursing + Bottles Only (No diaper column)
Bottles Only (No diaper column)

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