Family Factsheet (Custom Order)

The Family Factsheet makes life easier for busy parents! Keep all the important info in one spot and easily fill in the pertinent details with a dry-erase marker. Get out of the house faster and set babysitters up for success quickly and easily with our custom order factsheet. How convenient is that?!

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Set your sitters up for success with a custom made, laminated family factsheet. Post the house rules, reminders and really useful info (like the Wi-Fi password) in one central spot—we love ours on the fridge.

Fill in the pertinent sit details with a dry erase marker to quickly relay all the day to day details.

Standard sections include: 

  • Sitter's Name
  • Where you'll be & when you'll be back

Customizable sections Include:

  • Important contacts and phone numbers
  • Gameplan (meals, nap times, aka highlights of the sit)
  • House rules & reminders (wifi password etc)

Add custom sections or completely reformat the layout to work best for your family.

Includes one .pdf email proof with one round of edits and a mailed physical family fact sheet laminated in a sturdy TBD" sleeve 

Designed in collaboration with STLSitter, the premier pre-screened on demand sitter service in St. Louis, Missouri (like Uber Black for babysitters).