Ninni™ Breastfeeding Pacifier | Two Pack

Meet Ninni™, the new kid on the block. The revolutionary pacifier breastfed babies love, moms adore, and breastfeeding experts resoundingly recommend. 

It might be the buttery soft silicone—that's twice as soft as any pacifier on the market—or the familiar shape and flexibility that mimics breastfeeding movement, enhances oral motor development, and prevents dreaded dental issues (sorry traditional haven't changed in nearly 60 years). Or maybe it's the 100% American-made, medical-grade silicone that's phthalate and BPA-free. Simply put, the Ninni™ is a game-changer.

Say buh-bye to nipple confusion and hello to the Ninni™—your saving grace when baby wants the breast, but mama needs rest. 

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The Details

100% Medical Grade Silicone
Made in the USA
BPA Free
Phthalate Free
PVC Free
Dishwasher Safe

About Ninni Co

Ninni Co is a faith-based company that believes in elevating baby products, giving parents a peace of mind and meeting the natural expectations of babies.

How it works

Several holes at the base of the pacifier ensure breathing safety and the supple silicone promotes a wide mouth breastfeeding-type latch.

The ultra soft nipple—designed to mimic the shape of areola and nipple—allows baby to draw the pacifier back to the soft palate of the mouth just like the breast.