Babysitter Log

Still trying to cram all your notes to the sitter on a sticky note? Hate repeating the same "specheel" or fear forgetting crucial things to every babysitter who watches the kids?

Get out the door faster with the TinyTracker Babysitter Log. 

Set babysitter up for success and leave your wifi passwords, allergy/medication reminders, protips, and routines all in one spot.

Dedicated pages include space to keep your:

  • Important contacts
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas
  • Nap and sleep routines

Each daily sit page includes space for:

  • The game plan while you're out (bedtime, meal time etc)
  • Parent notes
  • Caregiver notes
  • Arrival & departure time and Payment options. Great for sitters paid weekly/bi-weekly
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Babysitter Log

Babysitter Log