Babysitter Binder

Still trying to cram all your notes on a sticky note? Hate repeating the same "specheel" or rapid-fire texting reminders?

Get out the door faster with the Babysitter Binder. 

Set your sitter up for success and leave wifi passwords, allergy/medication reminders, protips, and routines all in one spot.

90 daily sit pages includes space for:

  • The game plan while you're out
  • Parent/Family notes
  • Sitter notes
  • An optional Sitter Payment Box

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      What's Inside

      Finally. A place to keep everything a sitter needs to know, but doesn't always ask (or frankly, you forget to tell them). Things like:
      -Important contacts
      -Medical Histories
      -Introductions to your child(ren) (their favorite things and how to calm when upset)
      -House Rules (screen time and off limits areas)
      -Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas
      -Nap and sleep routines

      Sitter Payment Box Options

      You can choose to KEEP, REMOVE or "go halfzies" (half of the sitter pages with the sitter payment box and half of the sitter pages *without* the payment box).  For example, families with sitters that are't usually paid (i.e. partners/spouses, family members or grandparents), choose to remove the sitter payment box.

      Families with mostly paid sitters, choose to keep the sitter payment box and families that have both non-paid and paid sitters often choose the 50/50 split.

      Materials & Size

      Plastic Coil Binding
      Exterior: Clear front and back covers
      Interior: 60# paper
      Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"